Canalis busbar trunking

From transformer to loads busbar trunking meets all low voltage electrical distribution needs.

Canalis is a consistent and comprehensive system of busbar trunking for lighting and power distribution in all types of buildings. As an integral part of the Schneider Electric offer, it guarantees and enhances the safety of people and equipment, and provides installation continuity of service, upgradeability and simplicity.

Available with current ratings from 20A to 5000A, the Canalis busbar trunking range is suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The use of Canalis is wide ranging, from lighting distribution systems in retail, hotels and logistics centres to high power links providing power distribution from a transformer.

The new Canalis range has been enhanced to include features such as IP55 ratings as standard, halogen free materials, sprinkler proof testing, white finish on all medium and high power products plus much more. New product introductions include straight lengths without tap-off points for increased competitiveness where power isn’t needed, new fixing accessories making installation quicker and easier, increased ratings on the KN and KS ranges plus new tap-off unit designs incorporating many new features.

The Range

  • KDP lighting distribution available in 20A rating
  • KB lighting and low power distribution available in 25A and 40A ratings
  • KBX strip lighting distribution
  • KBL lighting luminaires
  • KN low power distribution available in 40A to 160A ratings
  • KS medium power distribution available in 100A to 1000A ratings
  • KTA aluminium high power distribution available in 1000A to 4000A ratings
  • KTC copper high power distribution available in 1000A to 5000A ratings


Canalis offers many benefits for specifiers, electrical contractors, property developers and end users of commercial and industrial buildings. Among the most important of these benefits are:

  • Units fully tested and constructed to BS EN 60947-3
  • Reduced installation time compared with cable making Canalis installations more competitive
  • Faster fitting means that installations are completed sooner
  • Canalis installations are extremely flexible making them easy and inexpensive to modify and extend
  • All-metal construction means better fire resistance than cable offers
  • Canalis support busbar trunking users with a wide range of services, including feasibility studies, help in preparing tenders, and assistance with installation design and planning.