Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Why we?

  • Full flexibility and security for government communication needs.
  • Bring your own device - Secure employees existing devices.
  • Design multiple closed networks for any department or ministry.
  • Full multilayer management and control for each department.
  • Plug and play deployment.
  • Global coverage - Same security and cellular coverage abroad.
  • Cost effective solution.
  1. Secure cellular infrastructure

Create your own private cellular network, with sensitive government information bypassing mobile operators and third party software vendors. 

  1. Secure network connectivity

Creating fully secure closed garden environments for each government division. 

  1. Secure P2P communication
  • Proprietary technology creates dynamic connectivity between governmental users.
  • Bypasses the server for record-free communication.
  • High-end encryption and secure key generation to guarantee complete security. 
  1. Secure messaging functionality
  • Biometric and facial recognition

Ensures messages opened only by intended recipient. 

  • Screenshot protection

prevents screen scraping and erases 2-way chat history.

  • Automated messages Self-destruct

on all devices.

Entire security operation managed through easy to use dashboard

  • Full management and control capabilities.
  • “Big brother” monitoring of entire security operation.
  • Department specific dashboards available.

Full control and customization of entire security operation

  • Design your private mobile network.
  • Create closed garden environments for specific groups and departments.
  • Manage your environment based on your specific entity regulations.

Customizable user access

Full control and management capabilities, allowing for customization of user policies according to security clearance.                                         

President and Ministers

  • P2P (no record storage).
  • Messages self-destruct. ¤

Junior Employees

  • Communication stored.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Limited to team communication only.


  • Full control over internal documents.
  • Facial recognition
  • Limited time viewing.

External Consultants

  • Documents limited to read only through web (can’t save).