• Consulting


The trading house provides consulting services for both Nigerian and Ukrainian companies regarding the organization of export-import activities, establishment of enterprises, tax and customs affairs, certification of origin and compliance.

  • Marketing researches


For the needs of our customers, the Trading House carries out marketing researches on the market of Nigeria, and, jointly by representative office in Ukraine, on the Ukrainian market.

  • Search for a buyer or seller


The trading house does searches for Nigerian and Ukrainian companies and offers several potential buyers/sellers of products to the customer.

  • Checking counterparty


If necessary, the Trading House verifies the commercial potential of a potential counterpart in Nigeria or Ukraine.

  • Checking the product


In accordance with the order, the Trading House can check the availability of the product, its quality and quantity on the territory of Nigeria or in Ukraine jointly its partners.

  • Logistics services


At the customer's request, the Trading House carries out the calculation of the cost of transportation, storage of goods, offers a delivery route and provides recommendations for the selection of carriers.

  • Insurance


The trading house performs functions as an insurance broker, which ensures minimization of risks and losses in case of performing export-import operations.

  • Exhibition and presentation services


At the customer's request, the Trading House helps to organize exhibitions in Nigeria and Ukraine, holds presentations of goods and companies, including in the form of "SHOW RUM".

  • Customs clearance


The trading house performs functions as a customs broker in Nigeria and assists in the execution of customs procedures in Ukraine.

  • Performing functions of exporter, importer, receiver and sender functions


At will of our clients, the Trading House can perform functions in Nigeria as an exporter, importer, recipient or sender. Also, with the help of the Ukrainian representative office in Ukraine - an exporter, importer, recipient or sender.

  • Certification of conformity


In Nigeria the Trading house helps to pass certification procedures for compliance with Nigerian requirements, and in Ukraine - to Ukrainian requirements.

  • Agency services


The Trading house carries out agency services, acts on behalf of the customer in various spheres of commercial activity.

  • Distributor services


Nigerian and Ukrainian companies can entrust to the Trading House the function of the distributor of products, including exclusive.

  • Promoting investments


The trading house assists Ukrainian companies in finding investment objects, accompanies investment activities, and in the case of an agreement, becomes an investment partner.

  • Training services


The Trading House helps to select higher education institutions in Ukraine for studying Nigerian students, provides appropriate accompaniment of departure for training.

  • Organization of business visits


The trading house organizes business trips to Nigeria and Ukraine for participation in business forums, exhibitions, etc., provides appropriate logistic support.

  • Organization of presentations, conferences, round tables


For Nigerian and Ukrainian companies and business representatives, the Trading House organizes presentations of goods and companies, conferences and round tables on topical issues of commercial activity.